Monday, September 11, 2006

One in the Hole

Okay, so it's apparently been THAT long since I posted anything. But, as I usually do, I have an excuse...I've been working. That's right...working. A couple of weeks ago some of friends of mine, Joe and Ryan, came to me with a project about hobos that they wanted to do for a certain network that shows cartoons. I'm not gonna give to much away as I've been sworn to at least SOME silence...obviously not much though. Anyway, I've been drawing alot of stuff but I can't post it just yet. We're waiting till it's done and happening. Also...while that was happening...I was in california. Let me tell yah...I loved it. Best trip I'd taken in a long while. Anyway...I'm here for a bit while work that doesn't involve me gets I thought I'd draw just a lovely NONE of the designs I've been doing for this show concept are lovely in the least.

Look forward to this year folks, cause it's gonna be interesting.