Monday, November 12, 2007

Hopefully this is just a start of me adding some new content here soon...or maybe I just felt like sharing this with a few folk. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

wednesday afternoon.

So alot of people have been on my case for not updating my blog in awhile (you know who you are). Though they're probably right...anyway, I got sick over the weekend and just today finally started feeling like I mite be able to stand up quickly without feeling like I'm about to pass let's hope THIS weekend turns out right (weather wise).
I'm still trying to find something that I feel like I could do faster and easier...mostly faster. I mostly borrowed this from Oren here. This person is SO awesome, just the way they use so few strokes and still be able to get something so...I never have the right words for this sort of thing. Anyway, it's great to look at. I'd suggest it to anyone.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mr. Potter...

Well, I got to check out the most recent Harry Potter movie last night and I gotta say...still not at all as good as the third. the movie had a couple of nice parts but still...ah, at the least it was alot of fun. The strangest thing in my mind is that although the movie is STUPID long...if felt like it moved way to fast at times. But, the most disappointing part had to be how they did not do justice to the death of Sirius Black. He will be missed.
This picture came about from a conversation we had in the car along the way to work today...and since I had an hour before work was over I thought it'd put something together for it.
I think i mite put some colors to it later...just doesn't look finished yet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

illustration firday:geeky

Of course this a subject I know quite alot about, so I figured it was a good enough reason to get back into putting stuff on my blog. Sadly, all this does is remind me that I won't be able to check out Comic Con AGAIN this year. Last minute plans, not checking with one to blame but myself really. Hopefully though next year will be different and perhaps I'll have something to show by then..?
It could happen.
Meantime...I did this...tried something a bit more like Elio.
If you haven't seen his stuff, you should, it's SO much fun.

Friday, June 15, 2007

friday afternoon.

So I ended up drawing another school girl...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

thursday afternoon.

Not sure what I was going for with the backgrounds but...ah well. It's been a long week, I'll think up something more intersting later.

Friday, May 25, 2007

illustration friday:cars

So for one thing, it's been forever since I did something in vectors and I gotta say, I'd forgotten how fun it is. Simple shapes saying a WHOLE lot. Great stuff. So more then likely this seems like it would fit more with something along the lines of "travel" maybe...but...oh well. I had to do something before the day was done. Hm, though I think it's a little small perhaps?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

fair weather rememberings.

So once again i find myself back in atlanta and busy with work, and when I'm not busy with work i'm exhausted from just being back from my trip; course I figure that excuse will only last me until the end of the week, hah. So I haven't had to time to all that muchin way of drawing things but I figure I needed to make alittle time to do something...
With it being so close to convention season i couldn't help but remember back to some of the more interesting things that happen at certain cons. Misunderstandings, great meetings of "minds", all that sort of stuff. One of the things I'm the BIGGEST fan of is "old skool" verses "new skool". I can't remember when but I remembered seeing the BEST "Kamen Rider" costume I'd seen since th actual show at a convention...maybe back when i was in highschool. It had mostly hit me because I'd just been turned on to a band called "animetal". They're apparent "thing" is taking anime shows and "remixing" their opening/ ending songs into rock ballads. Not the worse concept and it's always fun to see my childhood get a rock overhaul. So of course, i happen upon the opening for "Kamen Rider Black", a show that reminds me of my younger days living in florida with my mom who would always bring back tapes and toys of this sort of thing cause she knew I was into it. Sometimes I wish I'd held onto some of those things cause I mean...hell, those are still what inspire me most of the time today.
Ah, it's good to look back.
Anyway, the weathers great and I feel like getting back to work. Let's hope I will, hah.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's nice to be back.

So, I'm back and really...I'm feelin great.
France? Gawd, what a place, very beautiful. I can certainly see now why so many people make trips out there. Sadly though I think I should have taken more advantage of the coutry-side but...that's how it goes I suppose. I'll be back on there sooner or later, so I suppose so long as France doesn't sink to the bottom of the ocean or something it'll be fine.
I also got to check out a bit of england which was pretty alright, weather wasn't all that great though. Needless to say, if there was one thing I would suggest to anyone I knew at this would be to travel. I did do a little bit of drawing while I was out there so hopefulyl I'll get those posted up sometime soon but in the meantime I figured I'd just share something quite fantastic that I found as soon as I got back fro my trip. One of my favorite newzealand folk bands is getting their own show on HBO; Flight of the Conchords. If you don't know about 'em then you're nuts cause they are ALL sorts of the awesome.

Flight of the Conchords - Robot Future
This is just a little something I pulled from their website and I gotta say, if this is the sort of funny we can expect...nah, who am I kidding...nothing fantastic ever last on HBO, hah.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

illustration friday: remember

Sometimes it feels like this is the only thing I could do if I want to remmeber important things.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh, forgive me Interweb.

Lately my job has been a little ridiculous with the late assignments and such so i haven't had alot of time to post as of late. Which is sad cause I probably won't be able to post for a long while anyway as I'm going out of town for a bit...where you mite ask? France of course! I got in touch with some old friends who moved back over to the land of crepes and such and...the rest is history. I'm certainly not one of those people who works NEARLY as hard as others but I still feel I need a break from everything I know. And actually, I've NEVER been outside the country...which is a shame cause I keep hearing how nice it is out there. I mean, when all you know can be reached by car, it sorta put things in perspective that there's areas that have to flown too. Anyway, i'm excited...and so are all my friends who apparently are eagerly putting together their list for the comics I'm going to have be picking up for them. Can't blame them though...that's probably the COOLEST part of my trip anyway, haha. So I'm rattling my brain about that...finishing up a few things here and there...and I'm still just lazy.

So that's pretty much why I haven't posted in a good long while...yes I know, I'm a terrible liar.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

art jumble

I never really appreciated Archie Bunker but now that I'm older...I still don't appreciate him all that much.

Monday, April 09, 2007

illustration friday:Green

Sometimes i just go overboard on projects.

monday afternoon.

Monday, April 02, 2007

monday afternoon.

Personally I think I loose out on how "cartoony" I was trying to keep this guy towards the bottom, but...that doesn't mean I don't like it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

monday afternoon.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Afternoon.

So another pretty slow day, and although I could have finished something for I.F. and Art Jumble...I figured I would jsut doodle something.
So here's a couple of angry looking gents...and a cute girl walking away.
Good Times.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon.

Ah man, what a suck day...well, not really. It was slow and nothing exciting happen but I was drawing pretty well today..sadly though...I DIDN'T SAVE IT~!! Argh. It was terrible. I'd gone away for a second, forgotten it wasn't saved and started drawing over thing I know...gone.
Luckily though, today isn't all bad. My friend from England was on T.V. with her band and apparently they rocked the socks off everyone there (from what I've been told). Hopefully she remembered to record the event so I can check it out later...So I'mlooking forward to that. In a small attempt to say congrats I figured I'd draw her a little something.
Rock it hard my friend, rock it hard.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

illustration friday: Communication

So I'm a little late with this one but I needed something to take my mind off of work, so I went and threw this together. I gotta tell yah though, my body is dying on the inside. I was up most of last night moving into the new apartment ,so just about everything hurts. It's a bit smaller but it's a threebedder, which means new roomate...which also means less money I have to pay for rent (which is nice).
I'll have to take some pics of the new place's pretty classy.
Anyway, it's a great looking wednesday, I gotta be moved by thursday evening...and I still have to work my 9 to 5.
Yeah, the rest of this week is gonna be great.

Monday, February 26, 2007

old chessnut...or something

So recently I've decided to devote a little more time to an older project that i haven't had much time with but has really gotten alot of my friends interested. i don't know for sure if it has enough play value to be something "good" but at the least it mite be fun. the only thing that makes it difficult is that it requires alot of robots...ALOT of robots.
So I've been wasting most of today just thinking up robot designs...most of them are knock-offs of ones from famous and not so famous robots from other cartoons. I'm not I can come up with enough designs that the ones that are obvious rips won't be SO obvious.
Anyway, it's still a ways off before i think I'll have somehting that's all around good. Grumble.
Sometimes I wish I knew a few more people who felt like working on stuff for fun instead of it NEEDING to be a "hit" idea. Ah well.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

thursday morning.

I worked on this one a little later in the day and decided to post it. Course now i think I'm pulling alot form Ashley Wood. I don't mind but...He's just not for me. Gotta keep working on it. Also i think I'm missing out on something that the other ones had before...I think I'm trying to hard to "blend" everything.
The others looked better when there was still a sorta...quick brush look to them or something.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

tuesday afternoon.

Not sure if they're getting better or just...something.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Afternoon.

Man, can't believe i went so many days without doing something.
Oh well, I still think i've done ALOT better at keeping up with this here blog in the last couple of weeks then ever before. I suppose when I've just got SO much it's stupid then I'll be able to say something.
Anyway, I've never felt that i'd really gotten down how to do "painterly" type stuff on photoshop.
mostly i'm talking about those amazing concept pieces that you see movie books that look like paint but then you read they were done in digital...blows my mind.
So for the longest I've been trying to get that look's a slow slow process unfortunately.
This is looking pretty good though, hopefully i can repeat what i did here later, if I'm lucky.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon.

I figured I needed one more something before the day was done. i think my "idea well" is starting to run out though, it took me forever to think of SOMETHING to draw. Oh well.

Twilight, night-night.

It seemed like everyone and their grandmother was drawing a picture of Midna so I decided to give it a try...but now i think the helmet is on backwards. I really wish I could find a "good" picture of her though so I could get the tattoos down.
Also I could have just spent more time on the image itself, hah.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Box your Ears.

This is a old, old idea that came from me and couple friends talking with a professor in college. Se he came from a rather interesting part of south america called Caracas ( Just from the name it sounds exotic, right?). He would regale us with stories of his childhood and some of the most absurd "doings" that happen in his beloved homeland; something to do with cowboys that I can't really talk's weird, i'll put it that way. Anyway, as a laugh I just started blurting out all the "things he would do as a youth" until I blurted out something stupid...which was the idea of "Shark Boxing". At first, it seemed REALLY stupid but then...Come on. How manly and awesome a sport would that be? Think about the type of person it would take to challege a shark to box.
That's TRUE grit.
Anyway, I hadn't thought about it for a good long while until this morning, so I thought I'd just do something up as it's terribley slow at the ol job today. Enjoy.

illustration Friday: Crash

Lookin good.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Evening.

Suppose I'm getting in the holiday spirit.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Morning

This one I don't think came out as well as the last few but I think I'm gettin something down that doesn't look to bad. More practice.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday Morning.

Monday, February 05, 2007

illustration Friday: Sprout

I figured I hadn't done one in awhile and this one was fun and quick to try. Not original but, oh well.

Raising of the Nose

Apparently I've just become "to good" for this blog because I just don't seem to be adding anything new recently. I suppose that's how it goes when you don't have make the time to just draw up some stuff and scan it. Well, let's see if 2007 and the coming of my birthday will change a few things. A whole year older and alot more willing to draw.
Rock the Casbah.