Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh, forgive me Interweb.

Lately my job has been a little ridiculous with the late assignments and such so i haven't had alot of time to post as of late. Which is sad cause I probably won't be able to post for a long while anyway as I'm going out of town for a bit...where you mite ask? France of course! I got in touch with some old friends who moved back over to the land of crepes and such and...the rest is history. I'm certainly not one of those people who works NEARLY as hard as others but I still feel I need a break from everything I know. And actually, I've NEVER been outside the country...which is a shame cause I keep hearing how nice it is out there. I mean, when all you know can be reached by car, it sorta put things in perspective that there's areas that have to flown too. Anyway, i'm excited...and so are all my friends who apparently are eagerly putting together their list for the comics I'm going to have be picking up for them. Can't blame them though...that's probably the COOLEST part of my trip anyway, haha. So I'm rattling my brain about that...finishing up a few things here and there...and I'm still just lazy.

So that's pretty much why I haven't posted in a good long while...yes I know, I'm a terrible liar.

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sdestefano said...

First off:
the Interweb is all forgiving. Come home, sonny boy.
Secondly, I really feel like you're not giving Archie Bunker a fair shake. Seasons one thru four of All in the Family is possibly the best run for an american sitcom ever (I'm not a Seinfeld fan).
Thirdly, I'm extremely impressed with your drawings.
Please continue...