Friday, May 25, 2007

illustration friday:cars

So for one thing, it's been forever since I did something in vectors and I gotta say, I'd forgotten how fun it is. Simple shapes saying a WHOLE lot. Great stuff. So more then likely this seems like it would fit more with something along the lines of "travel" maybe...but...oh well. I had to do something before the day was done. Hm, though I think it's a little small perhaps?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

fair weather rememberings.

So once again i find myself back in atlanta and busy with work, and when I'm not busy with work i'm exhausted from just being back from my trip; course I figure that excuse will only last me until the end of the week, hah. So I haven't had to time to all that muchin way of drawing things but I figure I needed to make alittle time to do something...
With it being so close to convention season i couldn't help but remember back to some of the more interesting things that happen at certain cons. Misunderstandings, great meetings of "minds", all that sort of stuff. One of the things I'm the BIGGEST fan of is "old skool" verses "new skool". I can't remember when but I remembered seeing the BEST "Kamen Rider" costume I'd seen since th actual show at a convention...maybe back when i was in highschool. It had mostly hit me because I'd just been turned on to a band called "animetal". They're apparent "thing" is taking anime shows and "remixing" their opening/ ending songs into rock ballads. Not the worse concept and it's always fun to see my childhood get a rock overhaul. So of course, i happen upon the opening for "Kamen Rider Black", a show that reminds me of my younger days living in florida with my mom who would always bring back tapes and toys of this sort of thing cause she knew I was into it. Sometimes I wish I'd held onto some of those things cause I mean...hell, those are still what inspire me most of the time today.
Ah, it's good to look back.
Anyway, the weathers great and I feel like getting back to work. Let's hope I will, hah.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's nice to be back.

So, I'm back and really...I'm feelin great.
France? Gawd, what a place, very beautiful. I can certainly see now why so many people make trips out there. Sadly though I think I should have taken more advantage of the coutry-side but...that's how it goes I suppose. I'll be back on there sooner or later, so I suppose so long as France doesn't sink to the bottom of the ocean or something it'll be fine.
I also got to check out a bit of england which was pretty alright, weather wasn't all that great though. Needless to say, if there was one thing I would suggest to anyone I knew at this would be to travel. I did do a little bit of drawing while I was out there so hopefulyl I'll get those posted up sometime soon but in the meantime I figured I'd just share something quite fantastic that I found as soon as I got back fro my trip. One of my favorite newzealand folk bands is getting their own show on HBO; Flight of the Conchords. If you don't know about 'em then you're nuts cause they are ALL sorts of the awesome.

Flight of the Conchords - Robot Future
This is just a little something I pulled from their website and I gotta say, if this is the sort of funny we can expect...nah, who am I kidding...nothing fantastic ever last on HBO, hah.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

illustration friday: remember

Sometimes it feels like this is the only thing I could do if I want to remmeber important things.