Thursday, May 24, 2007

fair weather rememberings.

So once again i find myself back in atlanta and busy with work, and when I'm not busy with work i'm exhausted from just being back from my trip; course I figure that excuse will only last me until the end of the week, hah. So I haven't had to time to all that muchin way of drawing things but I figure I needed to make alittle time to do something...
With it being so close to convention season i couldn't help but remember back to some of the more interesting things that happen at certain cons. Misunderstandings, great meetings of "minds", all that sort of stuff. One of the things I'm the BIGGEST fan of is "old skool" verses "new skool". I can't remember when but I remembered seeing the BEST "Kamen Rider" costume I'd seen since th actual show at a convention...maybe back when i was in highschool. It had mostly hit me because I'd just been turned on to a band called "animetal". They're apparent "thing" is taking anime shows and "remixing" their opening/ ending songs into rock ballads. Not the worse concept and it's always fun to see my childhood get a rock overhaul. So of course, i happen upon the opening for "Kamen Rider Black", a show that reminds me of my younger days living in florida with my mom who would always bring back tapes and toys of this sort of thing cause she knew I was into it. Sometimes I wish I'd held onto some of those things cause I mean...hell, those are still what inspire me most of the time today.
Ah, it's good to look back.
Anyway, the weathers great and I feel like getting back to work. Let's hope I will, hah.

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potato farm girl said...

CUTE! I heard CN is going to be airing Kamen Rider soon, if they haven't started already.