Friday, July 13, 2007

Mr. Potter...

Well, I got to check out the most recent Harry Potter movie last night and I gotta say...still not at all as good as the third. the movie had a couple of nice parts but still...ah, at the least it was alot of fun. The strangest thing in my mind is that although the movie is STUPID long...if felt like it moved way to fast at times. But, the most disappointing part had to be how they did not do justice to the death of Sirius Black. He will be missed.
This picture came about from a conversation we had in the car along the way to work today...and since I had an hour before work was over I thought it'd put something together for it.
I think i mite put some colors to it later...just doesn't look finished yet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

illustration firday:geeky

Of course this a subject I know quite alot about, so I figured it was a good enough reason to get back into putting stuff on my blog. Sadly, all this does is remind me that I won't be able to check out Comic Con AGAIN this year. Last minute plans, not checking with one to blame but myself really. Hopefully though next year will be different and perhaps I'll have something to show by then..?
It could happen.
Meantime...I did this...tried something a bit more like Elio.
If you haven't seen his stuff, you should, it's SO much fun.