Monday, February 12, 2007

Box your Ears.

This is a old, old idea that came from me and couple friends talking with a professor in college. Se he came from a rather interesting part of south america called Caracas ( Just from the name it sounds exotic, right?). He would regale us with stories of his childhood and some of the most absurd "doings" that happen in his beloved homeland; something to do with cowboys that I can't really talk's weird, i'll put it that way. Anyway, as a laugh I just started blurting out all the "things he would do as a youth" until I blurted out something stupid...which was the idea of "Shark Boxing". At first, it seemed REALLY stupid but then...Come on. How manly and awesome a sport would that be? Think about the type of person it would take to challege a shark to box.
That's TRUE grit.
Anyway, I hadn't thought about it for a good long while until this morning, so I thought I'd just do something up as it's terribley slow at the ol job today. Enjoy.

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