Wednesday, February 28, 2007

illustration friday: Communication

So I'm a little late with this one but I needed something to take my mind off of work, so I went and threw this together. I gotta tell yah though, my body is dying on the inside. I was up most of last night moving into the new apartment ,so just about everything hurts. It's a bit smaller but it's a threebedder, which means new roomate...which also means less money I have to pay for rent (which is nice).
I'll have to take some pics of the new place's pretty classy.
Anyway, it's a great looking wednesday, I gotta be moved by thursday evening...and I still have to work my 9 to 5.
Yeah, the rest of this week is gonna be great.


rubio2d said...

Good luck with the moving!!!
Great and effective iconic Illo! (reminds me some kind of Jim Flora)

satorin said...

Nice to meet you.
I'm Satorin in Japan.
Thank you comment for my blog.
Sorry, I have forgotten the "Blogger password".
but I got again the "Blogger pasward".

I saw your Illustration.
Very cool! I like it!.
see you again.

ksklein said...

I guess you must be in your new apartment by now and that you´ve settled.
We are moving next week, so we´ve got everything still ahead of us. :)

gtrh657kftt said...