Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon.

Ah man, what a suck day...well, not really. It was slow and nothing exciting happen but I was drawing pretty well today..sadly though...I DIDN'T SAVE IT~!! Argh. It was terrible. I'd gone away for a second, forgotten it wasn't saved and started drawing over thing I know...gone.
Luckily though, today isn't all bad. My friend from England was on T.V. with her band and apparently they rocked the socks off everyone there (from what I've been told). Hopefully she remembered to record the event so I can check it out later...So I'mlooking forward to that. In a small attempt to say congrats I figured I'd draw her a little something.
Rock it hard my friend, rock it hard.

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potato farm girl said...

Cool, you have band friends! With cool pearly metaly necklaces!