Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Funny thing happen...

(Looks like practice really DOES help.)

So I thought I should start actually putting stuff up on this blog but I know most people usually put the newest stuff they've done that day so that it stays fresh. Well, i haven't got much that's new and fresh at the moment.
I did/do however have a few things I'd done this weekend past that I REALLY liked. I mean, I've done alot of life drawings during my time at school but I don't think there were ANY that enjoyed nearly as much as these two, and it felt good to have some pieces finally come out how I wanted them (the early ones were looking terrible).

Anyway, this was a fun night because it was some sort of "college night" that the High Museum had put together. Pretty much it was a bunch of kids from Atlanta College of Art there to put their drawing talents to the test. And I usually wouldn't talk down about people but one event really had me laughing on the inside. At one point a gentleman who I can only figure was assisting with the life drawing was walking around giving pointers to some of the other artist. Pretty standard stuff but it was apparent that he had only learned this stuff the day before. Anyway, he looks over at me and my friend Elio (who's amazing) and starts walking over.
"This is gonna be fun" was all I could thin
(It was pure magic with the charcoal this night.)
Sure enough, he opens with something like "So you guys must be animation people, right?" He was then about to recite what he'd been saying to everyone else until he saw that we really didn't need to much help...he recovered pretty well saying that he just wanted to take a look at what we were doing.

Maybe it's a bit mean to think that it was funny...but it was. And I'm sure at least a few animation folk out there have been in the same situation where someone mite not think you could actually draw if all you do is cartoons. I guess I should feel bad that I didn't have bugs bunny or underdog on my paper.
It was still a fun fun night though. Got to draw, had some laughs and was really pleased that alot of teenagers were visiting the museum. But they really need to update the new parts of the museum because...damn. If any of you ever get the chance to visit the High Museum and see the new areas they built you'll know what I mean...pretty empty and what they DO have there...terrible.

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