Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So I hadn't even thought about it but a few people were asking me "Adam, what are all those pictures you're posting up?" A "few" namely being Joe at some point in conversation. In any event, i needed to think of something to draw, so I thought "why not just draw what I'm doing" so that's pretty much what these are. Just little snippets of my day in general. What I do, What i did, that sort of thing. Figure it can keep my hand moving if nothing else.
This latest one comes from my trip up to New York to visit with family. It was a simply little moment. A bag had gotten "stuck" on the belt at baggage claim in the Airport and was just sorta jiggling for a good couple of minutes. I found it hard to not notice though i'm sure i was only one who really took the time. I guess it was the movement of the bag along the belt that sorta made it seem more like "dancing" that caught my attention really. Lame reason I know but it thought it would make for a fun pic from the weekend.


Chris Bivins said...

awesome ford. the series your doing is really interesting and i cant wait to see more. hope your trip went well.


Jason Barnes said...

haha, very nice.