Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So there was one thing I'd skipped over entirely, that being Christmas. This year it wasn't entirely that terrible (that's a lie, my holidays are never that bad). But this year did have one difficult portion, that being my friend's holiday party. To much eggnog. You'd think I'd learn my lesson from previous times drinking sugary-liquored drinks but no...not at all. So many hours sitting in bed, staring at the ceiling and REALLY wanting to purge a bit. The problem being of course, I hate having things come OUT of my stomach. So instead, I toughed it out and finally fell asleep around...4? 5? Something like that.
All in all though, still a great holiday season.


ryanprows said...

I love these sketches. It's great to see you posting new stuff on a regular basis. Keep it up!

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

these grays make me feel good.very profesional. Good Job adam.