Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Damn, has it really been that long since I posted anything new on this thing? Well, I could make alot of different excuses but I think the only one I'm happy with is that I've been working on the comic, which FINALLY got done. I think next time I'm definately going to have to work out a better regiment and have it done alot sooner and alot faster cause there were a few points were I seriously thought the writer, Joe, was going to murder me something fierce. But in the end, it turned out pretty nice and I'm not totally discgusted by it at least. Course now it's up to the people at the studio to decide whether they can put it in the 3rd issue of the series like we'd hope to do. Which would have been awesome seeing as that mite have meant we could take it with us to San Diego in July...how cool would that be?
If nothing else, I've now got the time to work on a sketchbook for Comic Con and try to put together a few pieces of animation for a new portfolio...we'll see how that turns out if at all.
Mean time I haven't got anything on me that I'd want to post but the work day isn't done...should have something later tonight. If not, definately tomorrow.
Figure I gotta start puttin this blog to use for once.

Though I did get excited cause now I figured out how to post movies on my blog...so now like alot of people I can put up pointless stuff that I didn't have any part in except that I think it's really awesome.

By the way, this the opening of an anime calle RE:Cutey Honey. I think it was a anime from the later 60s but then remade twice before getting this version by Anno hideako.

If you're an anime fan, you've probably seen his stuff once or twice.
I'm usually not a fan of anime but I gotta say...this thing was awesome. To bad it was so short.

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cutesypoo said...

hey i recognize this!
hehee it's neat once i figured out
how to post from you tube!
cool blog i will be back!