Friday, May 26, 2006

Oil Painting...what a beast!

A little while ago me and a few friends took part in a class to learn how to use oil paints and let me tell yah...MAN that stuff is hard. I'd walked into the thing knowing it was going to be a bit different but I had NO idea apparently. The way we were getting taught was apparently the "traditional" method that involved layering. I can't remember the whole process now but I do remember that the REAL bitch was that we couldn't lay out the picture with pencils first...Elio, who was the one teaching us, felt that working with paints for the entire process would really teach us something.Looking at the final results, I can't argue.

Anyway, these are just a few shots taken on last day of class when everyone's pieces were REALLY coming along.
The Guy to the left is Joe, his piece probably looked the worse at the beginning of the class buy by the end I think he got something REALLY awesome.

Jeff here to the right had decided to not come on the some of the most important days of the class so his I don't think got totally finished. But as usual he still managed to pul a good piece out of his ass.

Now this guy here, I probably hate the most...Nex to Kevin(whose piece I didn't get anyshots of) Brain here probably took the MOST chances and just came out with a GREAT piece.
This is what his turned out like...I think his cloth came out the best though.

I think this is Jeff's I said, even though he missed a class or two he was still able to pull a REALLY good painting out. I'm especially a fan of the how much "dark" he put into his painting. It really pops that figure out

Unfortunately there a few paintings that I didn't get to get a picture of cause ther weren't finished when I brough the camera. I suppose I'll have to get a shot of them sometime, but I think Kevin and Elio are planning on putting their pieces in the show they want to put together sometime this year, so I mite to get a shot then. Joe put his on top of a book shelf in his apartment...

And Mine, which is the one at the beginning I ended up giving to my dad as a gift...Probably should have held off though and given it to my mother for Mother's Day. OH well, next time.
Which should hopefully be soon actually. Elio plans on putting together another one of these and I gotta say, if the looks as good as it did this should be awesome.

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